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Hello Family Health Centers Patients, 

Many of you know me as ELMER, the Electronic Medical Record system for patients for the Family Health Centers (FHC).  Over the years, I have helped you access your medical records online, see your lab results, and contact your FHC provider.

After much thought and discussion with my Greenway© Family, I've decided to retire as your electronic patient record.  But do not worry!  I would not leave you without having secured a suitable replacement! My Health Record will be the new FHC patient electronic medical record system.  

My Health Record will have all the same features for reviewing records, lab results, sending messages to your providers, and more! 

It has been my honor to serve as your electronic medical record these past years.  I am confident that My Health Record  will serve you well!   

Sincerest Regards, 

Electronic Medical Record 
Family Health Centers, Inc.        


ELMERs official retirement date:  October 21, 2019. 

Beginning on this date, you will no longer be able to access your ELMER account.  If you need to contact FHC, here are some helpful numbers:

To Get Your FHC Medical Records (including lab results): 502-772-8311

To Ask a Provider Question (contact your FHC site and ask to speak to a nurse):         

FHC-Portland                       502-774-8631
FHC-Americana                   502-772-8860
FHC-East Broadway            502-583-1981
FHC-Fairdale                       502-361-2381
FHC-Iroquois                       502-366-4747
FHC-Phoenix                       502-568-6972 
FHC-Southwest                   502-995-5051 
FHC-West Market                502-778-8400

My Health Record will go-online at the beginning of November, 2019. Family Health Centers will email you an invitation from My Health Record, inviting you to create an account on the new system.